Who We Are

Emma Ahern


Hi, my name is Emma! I’m a senior majoring in PR, with a minor in Questrom. I joined Eye2Eye because I want everyone, regardless of who they are, to believe that they can accomplish any goal they set out to achieve.


Jamie Phan

Executive Vice President

Hi, I’m Jamie! I’m a junior at Questrom. I joined Eye2Eye because I’m very passionate about achieving equality for all genders. I definitely believe that people’s identities should never stop them from advancing and succeeding in professional settings. Outside of Eye2Eye, I love to cook and take photos!


Carlota Bombin

Vice President of Finance

My name is Carlota and I’m a senior within Questrom. I joined Eye2Eye because I want to help empower women in the workplace. Outside of Eye2Eye, I’m passionate about traveling.


Ashley Shaw

Co-Vice President of Operations

Hi, I’m Ashley and I am a junior in Questrom concentrating in Finance and Accounting! I joined Eye2Eye because I am passionate about equality in the workplace as I believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to succeed; gender should never be a factor in whether someone receives a promotion. Outside of Eye2Eye, I enjoy riding and caring for my horses, cooking, and spending time with friends.


Katherine Tsai

Co-Vice President of Marketing

Hi I’m Katherine! I’m a senior in SHA, majoring in Hospitality Administration, with a concentration in Marketing. I joined Eye2Eye because I want to raise awareness to the issue of gender inequality. I believe that everyone, regardless of their identity, should have an equal voice in the workplace. Besides my interest in women’s rights, I enjoy traveling and language learning!


Joseph Tang

Co-Vice President of Marketing

Hi I’m Joseph! I’m a senior in Questrom, concentrating in Marketing. I joined Eye2Eye because I want to start conversations about gender inequality in workplaces. In my free time, I enjoy traveling and learning about perfumes!


Sasha Novozhilova

director of Public relations

My name is Sasha and I am a current junior studying Economics and Mathematics. In joining Eye2Eye, I’m hoping to be able to spread awareness on the issue of gender inequality in the workforce, particularly in the field of finance, which, despite recent improvements, remains predominantly male. It is my belief that anyone, regardless of what their background or identity might be, should be able to voice their opinion and have an equal chance at success as anybody else in the workforce. Outside of Eye2Eye, I enjoy traveling, dancing, and learning foreign languages.


Nisha Sweet

Director of SOCIAL

My name is Nisha and I’m a senior, concentrating in Marketing within Questrom. I’ve always been passionate about gender equality and would love to expand my knowledge about the subject and educate the public. Outside of Eye2Eye, I’m passionate about fashion.



Tiffany Jeong

Hi, my name is Tiffany and I’m an graduate from the class of 2020, majoring in Cellular Biology/Molecular Genetics. I joined Eye2Eye because not all genders have the same professional opportunities. Regardless of whether these inequalities are systematic or cultural, it is a reality that will continue to reproduce itself unless people with access to higher education pave the way for others with less access. I believe it is my responsibility to leverage my education and social opportunities to advance the position of women everywhere. Outside of Eye2Eye, I love plants! I am starting my own bonsai collection and enjoy botanical sketching in my free time.


Niko Skaperdas

Hi, my name is Niko! I am a Sophomore in Questrom studying Marketing and Law. I joined Eye2eye because I am very passionate about workplace equality and rights advocacy. I believe ideas should be shared freely and people should be valued based on them, not their skin, gender, sexuality, or socio-economic status. In my free time, I enjoy painting, swimming, and running.


Serena Nair

Alumni Advisor

Hey everyone! My name is Serena. I’m an economics student with minors in business and computer science. I joined Eye2Eye four years ago because after entering college, I realized that there were many young men and women like me out there battling various issues within gender equality. My goal with this organization is to give both the information and resources to other students in college to be better prepared for the workforce. If you don’t find me figure skating, I’m probably out with a camera in hand roaming the Boston streets!


Clarissa Kuo

Alumni Advisor

Clarissa is a graduate of Boston University’s Class of 2018. She graduated with a degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Finance and Strategy & Innovation. As a former president of the organization, she is excited to help out as an adviser for Eye2Eye. Clarissa currently works in consulting at Accenture and lives in New York. In her free time, she likes to try new restaurants, race cars, and travel. 


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