2021 Conference

Power: Accept No Limits. Exceed Your Own.

What is power?
Merriam Webster defines power as “the ability to act or produce an
effect”. In this conference, power will be defined by the exploration of
individual experiences that formed power as both an internal and
external drive.
Speakers will talk about their experience being treated unequally due
to their gender identity, as well as how owning their gender
empowered them in the workplace. Our goal is to explore the power
within and it’s abilities to inspire societal change
– combating
workplace imbalances across competitive industries (such as the field
of finance), a lack of women in high-power and high-salary positions,
and the feeling of your contributions carrying less weight compared to
workplace counterparts.
At this conference, Eye2Eye seeks to challenge the audience to find
the power to accept no limits. Exceed your own.

All proceeds will be donated to the Boston Women’s Fund.

Conference Details

February 6th, 9:30 AM – 1:15 PM

Via Zoom & Remo

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